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500 RockCorps Volunteers Let Loose in Bordeaux!

500 volunteers celebrated at a unique RockCorps concert in Bordeaux, France on the 21st May.

Together, volunteers accumulated 2,000 hours of community service in the local area. As a reward and in order to congratulate their amazing efforts, we gave them a free ticket to see some of France's very own take to the stage. Black M, Keurspi and DJ HCUE raised the Le Rocher De Palmer roof and the crowd returned the energy tenfold.

Stay tuned for more updates from our French program.... Paris here we come!

Tu Donnes, Tu Reçois

 photo 53f89398-6678-4f08-8391-d9df611e7434_zps030ad3d7.jpg

 photo 70d0c273-6973-4df2-9e70-281939cb6456_zpsc92d7bed.jpg

 photo c2ca531d-b6c8-4250-9ba8-54a9795c1140_zps2b4bba1c.jpg
Black M

 photo 2cf0e29f-e023-453c-b1fb-7fea202df2f6_zpsbde962a9.jpg
Crowd = Wild

 photo d17ce13b-8f02-4a81-9013-12093f46ab02_zpsd0c414be.jpg

 photo bb7b6734-a823-4b9d-adc7-f0acb1f95e2b_zpsc92055db.jpg
Good Times

 photo c46a73e1-60e3-4bfa-904d-7ddbffcfe454_zpsc1a830e5.jpg
Spot of Paint with Black M?

Orange RockCorps France 2014

Our RockCorps platform, in partnership with Orange and radio station NRJ has launched for its 5th consecutive year in France. First stop is Bordeaux and our volunteers have already been getting their hands dirty and giving their four hours to the local community!

Volunteers will be rewarded for their hard work with a concert ticket to see the likes of Black M and Keurspi at the end of May.

Then to Paris, Lyon and Nancy.. It is going to be an epic summer of RockCorps!

The very cool #TUDTR Patrol explain the 4 hours, 1 ticket concept.

Tu Donnes, Tu Reçois!

 photo e9c203e3-136c-4579-a442-515dba6c8339_zps5703f752.jpg

 photo 635a218b-3f76-445a-8e6f-1115b2a9ddf2_zpsc03caa7e.jpg

 photo 57325e98-e3b6-40b9-934b-62895c78393c_zpsbc341367.jpg

New RockCorps Film!

Check out the new RockCorps film - Many memories and so many more to be made!

RockCorps Launches in Japan!

 photo 31520216-b7af-41b6-8873-135d3a76f970_zpse89f9584.jpg

2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for RockCorps, and we are thrilled to announce that Japan will now be the 10th country to host our global volunteer movement!

RockCorps is taking the platform to the Tohoku region, working in communities affected by the earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

 photo 9c6e4eb7-99c9-4750-8fe9-a71c8841dfbc_zps6bcbace2.jpg

In partnership with local charities, volunteers will give their 4 hours and help to rebuild communities in the Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi areas.
As a reward, volunteers will earn a ticket to an amazing, money-can't-buy concert at the Azuma Recreation Centre, in Fukushima City.

Stay tuned for Japan project updates over the coming weeks.

 photo 175e6f1d-9737-439d-817e-094f767e616b_zps557392c5.jpg

ギブ.ゲット.ギブン (Give, Get Given)

Rudimental Set Us Free at Optus RockCorps 2014

Rudimental did us proud at the Optus RockCorps concert in Sydney in March.

First stop a RockCorps community project where the guys met with volunteers and got stuck into a spot of painting and gardening. They explain to us what Give, Get Given really means to them.

Then the geniuses behind 'Waiting all Night' rewarded RockCorps volunteers with the most incredible show at Luna Park - we certainly felt the love.

Watch above to see the band lay it down in true sound system style!

Optus RockCorps in Australia - The Concert

 photo 1df96637-dcf9-46dc-b595-e820a539fc6b_zps2f06d7e9.jpg

3,000 volunteers gave 4 hours of their time at RockCorps volunteer projects across Sydney this year, to earn their ticket to another exclusive RockCorps concert.

The reward for their hard work? Access to all the Luna Park fairground rides AND a ticket to the hottest show in town.

Sydney's Luna Park was home to a concert with a difference on Wednesday 12th March when RockCorps volunteers descended upon the fairground rides and then partied late into the evening with performances from Empire of the Sun, Rudimental, Samantha Jade and surprise guest, Miguel!

The bands were massive, the atmosphere was electric and our volunteers earned every moment...

Next stop – Melbourne and Brisbane with American Authors. (Optus RockCorps)

Empire of The Sun's Out of this World
 photo 099c6ba1-eca5-4eea-8162-657a0cf4e2bb_zps0e500204.jpg

Tearing it Up
 photo b261743f-ca66-4405-939e-6813a3eec8a1_zps22cf4c92.jpg

Feeling the Love
 photo 68eb02de-b114-45f1-9c67-7f50d8ef8f19_zps2df1809c.jpg

 photo 5d82e889-74c0-4a93-983d-8d85502f4624_zps32911fc0.jpg

Miguel's Surprise Appearance!
 photo cb4e9852-e84b-4fb7-8c82-9d32d5ed6380_zps11a994e9.jpg

The Amazing Samantha Jade
 photo bd0bdf8e-9aec-4dc0-9ee7-86ec6389035c_zps8d65e85a.jpg

Going Up?
 photo 012a2f86-1838-4e66-a415-d5fcfee95978_zpsdafec0f0.jpg

Fairground = Fun!
 photo bd2bcaf2-6bf9-41c6-8a43-5b8e3d64d549_zps54d02d09.jpg

Let's not forget the wonderful work these volunteers put in to get here....

A Work of Art
 photo 5a89df78-3041-483c-9003-98cd957b372e_zps09e3c620.png

 photo 28977375-05e5-4db8-b9ac-a34ea2c3fd5c_zps876611cf.jpg

Give, Get Given!

UK's Rudimental Confirmed to Play Optus RockCorps!

 photo faa1157a-ed09-4ddc-8b3a-b8125df84d2b_zps4498aff0.png

UK's homegrown sensation Rudimental have been making waves on the International Music scene, since the release of their debut album 'Home'.

RockCorps is excited to announce that they will be playing for our Optus RockCorps volunteers down under, at Sydney's Luna Park on March 12th.

Rudimental will be joining already announced acts - Alternative-Electro duo Empire of the Sun, and Aussie pop songstress Samantha Jade.

Watch out for further announcements and concert highlights, right here on…..

Australia - Optus RockCorps Launches for 2014

 photo 4065c8c4-ef9c-47b2-a9b4-f0b0ca5f8ce0_zpsb2521c2a.jpg

Optus RockCorps was officially launched for 2014 on 4th February.

Volunteers gathered at Radio Skid Row and gave 4 hours of their time to transform the local community radio station, inside and out.

As if the volunteers didn’t have enough fun painting and building… Aussie singer and Optus RockCorps Ambassador, Samantha Jade dropped in to treat the volunteers to a fantastic acoustic performance.

 photo 5f0b5bda-42a1-4f34-bc20-7f21d24f4ac2_zpsccfdc1de.jpg

 photo 4ea9fe23-d4f1-41e5-9d6e-9615924d3402_zpsaf5d0a9a.jpg

Stay tuned to hear more about the ongoing projects and concert down under…

Coca-Cola RockCorps South Africa - The Movie!

Coca-Cola RockCorps South Africa, The Movie

2,000 Volunteers, 2,000 Friends, 8,000 Volunteer Hours, 36 Community Projects, 230 High Schools, 4 Amazing Performances, 1 Unforgettable Concert.

This is how it happened…

RockCorps remembers Nelson Mandela

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at130854_zps5ed6f35d.png

Today is a day for all of us to remember the greatest of leaders, Nelson Mandela.

Madiba brought peace and hope to his beautiful country, and inspired the world.

We remain inspired as he told us “Today’s Youth are Tomorrow’s Leaders”

He has shown us that it is possible to change the world. So to all our RockCorps volunteers, in South Africa and around the world, let us be inspired by what he stood for, and celebrate his legacy today.

“It is always impossible, until its Done”

4,000 Volunteers celebrate with Busta Rhymes, Ciara and D'Banj in South Africa

front row photo RockCorps-4369_zps9e1c08c0.jpg

This year RockCorps partnered with Coca-Cola® to bring the platform to Africa for the first time.

Coca-Cola and their partner ABI began the platform with a recycling programme in hundreds of local High Schools. High Schools who recycled the most went on to take part in the platform - Give, Get Given.

Over the past few months 2,000 teens aged 13-19 years old, from the High Schools who recycled the most, have given four hours of their time at Coca-Cola® RockCorps community projects around the Gauteng Province in South Africa.

For the first time ever, youth volunteers were able to share the celebration with a friend, and on 16th November 2013, 4,000 teenagers descended on Johannesburg's Ellis Park Arena.

It was an unforgettable night as they celebrated their hard work with Busta Rhymes, Ciara, D’Banj and local act Teargas.

The atmosphere was electric as the artists rewarded the volunteers for their hard work.

Ciara putting on an amazing show
ciara photo 15ciara_zpsb883df39.jpg

Busta Rhymes hyping up the thousands of youth volunteers - very happy volunteers
bust photo 22busta_zpsc1003a5e.jpg

4,000 very excited teenagers
 photo RockCorps-4901_zpsdd30cda7.jpg

D'Banj came down from Lagos to join the celebration
D'Banj photo RockCorps-4437_zpse4c0d306.jpg

Teargas, representing Johannesburg
 photo 4teargas2_zps12d76aa0.jpg

Giving four hours
hard at work photo 12hardatwork5_zps3b06873f.jpg

Hard at Work 1 photo 8Hardatwork480x320_zps04b17ed4.jpg

With friends...
group photo 23volunteersgroup2_zps6c37a7e8.jpg

Check out our first film from Coca-Cola RockCorps in South Africa

The Script & Tinie Tempah rock it down under!

 photo Script4_zpsfe8f3dd9.png

5,000 volunteers gathered together at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia to see top acts Tinie Tempah and The Script, as the world wide volunteering programme made it's debut down under.

The Sydney gig was sponsored by mobile network Optus and is one of several planned for Australia.

Tinie Tempah supports RockCorps in Australia!

 photo Orange-RockCorps-2010-group-with-Tinie-Tempah-480x320_zpsc7a22232.jpg

'Drinking From The Bottle' singer Tinie Tempah will be part of the Optus RockCorps concert, replacing Labrinth on the line-up that also includes The Script and Guy Sebastian.

Tinie Tempah loves RockCorps and has performed at our concerts in the UK and France. “I love the organisation, I love what they do, I love that it’s all about getting young people volunteering and giving up their own time,” Tinie Tempah said. “I’ve done a few things for them in the UK as well and even in France so it’s going to be good to do it in Australia.”

No-one can buy tickets to the OPTUS RockCorps concert taking place at Horden Pavillion on 11 April 2013, they have to be earned. If you’re keen to get involved and do something for a good cause then get rewarded by seeing The Script, Tinie Tempah and Guy Sebastian live in concert, start by registering

You can listen to Tinie's interview with NOVA radio here ->

Give, Get Given!

Optus RockCorps launches in Australia!

 photo 5e48c86d-5775-4900-85bf-f31b3789284c_zps1bc7e36e.jpg

On Monday we launched OPTUS RockCorps in Sydney, the first time RockCorps has come to Australia.

To celebrate the launch, renowned anti-graffiti artist, Judd Shoppee spent four hours creating a large mural inspired by the themes of volunteering and music.

In this mural we revealed the music artists who will play at the first OPTUS RockCorps concert - The Script, Labrinth and Guy Sebastian - in Sydney on 11th April 2013

Australian artist, Guy Sebastian invited young people to get involved, saying that said OPTUS RockCorps would introduce volunteering to thousands of young people.

"You have to give back - if you don't, life gets inbalanced and I think something like this gives people the chance to get out of their comfort zone and do a good deed. They get a reward but it's still a good deed."

We're pretty excited about our first partnership in the southern hemisphere. The first step towards year round, non stop RockCorps concerts around the world!

Year Here launches!


Year Here is a six-month programme for young people who are committed to making a difference in society.

Year Here challenges young people to a year of tackling social issues in their own backyard. As a Year Here fellow, you will work on some of the biggest challenges facing British society – including educational disadvantage, ageing and isolation, and homelessness. They give you volunteering experiences at the frontline of Britain’s social sector, a programme of social innovation training and work experience, and an opportunity to flex your entrepreneurial muscles.

The first fellowship kicks off in 2013.


The Year Here experience covers lots of ground – from exploring the worlds of politics and social entrepreneurship to exhibiting your own films and photography in a top London gallery. Exploring all this gives you the chance to work out where your passions lie, and you’ll pick up the experiences and networks you’ll need to move towards your new goals.

Costs and rewards

The Year Here fellowship is unpaid, although successful applicants will receive travel and lunch expenses. You will also need somewhere to stay in London for the duration of the experience, and raise around £1,500 to cover your living expenses throughout the fellowship.

You will benefit from training and support, including top speakers and advisors from across the social innovation world. You’ll also have access to seed funding up to a total of £2,800 to develop social innovation projects. Plus, they’ll cover your travel expenses and lunch expenses.

Worried by the prospect of raising £1,500? If you are concerned that you won’t be able to raise the funds in time, there are different financing options available to you. You will also need somewhere to stay in London for the duration of the experience.

Find out more about the Year Here experience and sign up to meet them at a Year Here event. The application deadline is 12th December – so apply early to avoid disappointment.


Teenage Cancer Trust’s Collection Weekend at Argos stores across the UK!


Teenage Cancer Trust’s Collection Weekend at Argos stores across the UK!

The teenage cancer charity, Teenage Cancer Trust have a fantastic opportunity for volunteer bucket collectors at Argos stores across the UK on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2013. This is an amazing chance to raise much needed funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.
Could you sign up to collect and help make the weekend a success?

Where and when?

Give 4 hours of your time on Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th January to go along to your local Argos store to take part. You will be sent Teenage Cancer Trust promotional materials, and the collection bucket will be waiting for you in store, so it's really simple - just sign up, turn up, bucket collect, then get on with your weekend!

Up to three volunteers can collect at any one time, so why not organise your friends and family into shifts and see how many hours you can give?

How to sign up

Contact Caroline on 0207 612 0721 or email her at for more information or to join the team!

You need to give…

• …your name and contact details
• …the name of your preferred Argos store
• …the date and times you want to volunteer

Then Caroline will be in touch to confirm the details!

If you can’t make either of these days then click here for other ways to get involved with the charity.

Once you’ve completed your volunteering you can join the RockCorps Collective and earn an amazing music reward.

Give, Get Given.

A great idea + Opera + Lorries = Opera for Change


At RockCorps we know all too well how music inspires people to take action, strengthen communities and give back. That is why we wanted to tell you a bit about a new initiative called, Opera for Change.

Yep, you heard us, Opera for Change! It all started when a group of friends with a love of music and story-telling that decided to make the bold move to take The Magic Flute (an opera) across Africa in an articulated lorry. Again, yes you heard us, an articulated lorry.

The group of performers and musicians are going to take the production of Mozart’s famous opera on the back of a lorry from Nairobi to Cape Town, where they will work with musical organisations, schools, communities and festivals along the route.

Opera for Change will create a travelling festival of stories and songs in collaboration with local partners, from Ghetto Classics in Nairobi to the School of St Jude in Tanzania all the way down to the Keiskamma Music Academy in South Africa.

With a programme of workshops, performances and community-based events the charity will draw on the indigenous music, stories and cultures that they discover along the way. Each collaboration will build links and partnerships that will develop into longer-term community arts schemes, both locally and internationally.

The journey kicks off this weekend, so to follow their musical odyssey across Africa you can get them on Twitter, Facebook or check out their website for updates and news. We wish them the best of luck in their journey; it’s certainly one of the most inventive ways to work with communities we’ve heard of in a long time!

Ms. Lauryn Hill and Nas wow Marseilles!


For the third consecutive year, Orange RockCorps France went to Marseille, so that more than 2,000 volunteers could give four hours of their time to one of their charity partners in exchange for their precious ticket to the gig.

So after 31 projects, more than 600 rolls, 255 brushes, 1360 litres of paint, 1450 litres of compost and 12 kgs of nails the long awaited day has arrived!

Thursday, October 4, 2012, it had to be the Dome Marseille for the hottest gig in town to see Inna Modja, Youssoupha, Nas and Ms. Lauryn Hill perform live!


Deezer UK's 1st Birthday!


Deezer UK are celebrating their 1st Birthday and we are giving one lucky Collective member the chance to win a pair of tickets to their exclusive party at the swanky Hospital Club, London on Wednesday 10th October and watch The Villagers, Slow Club and The Staves, live!

To enter, all you have to do is answer this question:

Which friend of RockCorps has the number 1 album on Deezer right now?

Email your answer to with Deezer Birthday in the subject line, along with your: Name, age and phone number. You must be 18 years or above and a member of the Collective to enter! Winners will be notified on Tuesday 9th October at midday.

If you don’t win a ticket you can tune in at 18:30 on Wednesday October 10 for their 1st Birthday Party live from London, online at to catch all the action in glorious HD streaming!

Collective Competition! See Veronica Falls live...


We have five pairs of tickets to give away to five lucky Collective members to see indie-popsters Veronica Falls at the 100 Club London as part of the Converse Gig series! Support on the night comes from Frankie and the Heartstrings and Cheatahs!

To win a pair of tickets then all you have to do is send an email to with your name, age and telephone number with 'Veronica Falls' in the subject field.

The competition is open to 18+ only and you must be a Collective member to enter! Entries close Monay 15th October at midday.

Not a member of the Collective? Click here to join!

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